Affordable Acupuncture

At SCA we provide ‘Community’ or ‘Multi-bed’ Acupuncture which involves treating patient at the same time, together in a large communal space. Communal treatment maximises the therapist’s time, allows for significant reductions in the cost of treatment and therefore provides a solution to the problem of affordable and sustainable treatment.

Multi-bed Acupuncture is a model of care which helps utilise the full potential of Acupuncture as a viable, mainstream treatment.

pay what you want sliding scale

At SCA we charge you on a sliding scale, which means that you pay what you want to pay between £10 and £35, per treatment - no questions asked. This doesn’t effect in any way what treatment you receive and you don’t get anything extra for paying more!

So what’s the point in paying more?

Understandably the concept of choosing what to pay is slightly confusing for some people- we are very used to paying fixed amounts for goods and services.
However there are many reasons for using a sliding scale.
Primarily it is used to help make treatment more affordable for a wider proportion of the population and helps to lessen the financial burden of paying for treatment. If you can afford to pay £35 a treatment then you can, in the knowledge that you are contributing to something greater than your self. Its up to you what you pay and you will never be asked to justify yourself.
You pay what you can afford or what the treatment is worth to you.

What it also means is that if your condition or problem requires many treatments, over a short period of time, then you can pay less so that you can come in more frequently and get enough treatment to gain satisfactory results.

We don’t care if you pay on the lower end of the scale. In fact we don’t really care what you pay and would prefer it if you paid what you can afford and were able to continue having treatment for as long as you needed it.

If the cost of treatment is an issue, please let us know. We want you to come in for acupuncture frequently enough to really feel better.

Multibed Acupuncture means patients can come and receive treatment with their friends and family if they wish.  It also provides an environment in which ‘communal healing’ takes place, improving the power of treatment. Patients who attend community clinics often benefit from the sense of ‘community’ that's generated as well as benefiting from group and peer support.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles under the skin at specific points in order to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.

The needles stimulate nerve endings in the muscles and surrounding tissue, which creates both a neurological and chemical response. The effect this has on the higher centres within the brain and spinal cord results in a normalisation of the bodies automatic processes, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

The energy within the body is balanced, stimulating improved body function and a return to health.